The Elevated Coffee Experience

Redefining excellence in every detail

Luxurious Design

Elegant and calm settings for memorable moments

Premium Yemeni Coffee

Rich, organic, authentic and single-origin

Quality Crafted Drinks

Superior quality, customer-focused and exceptional taste

Exceptional Service

Attentive to every guest and fostering community

Innovative Spaces

Modern technology meets unique settings

Jabal Story

Jabal, the Arabic word for mountain, is the heart of our story. From Yemen's sky-touching mountains to your coffee cup, each bean is handpicked with care by our dedicated farmers, using sun-drying methods passed down through generations. Jabal Coffee House is a tribute to this rich heritage, offering a captivating aroma, notes of rich dried fruit, warm spices, and a subtle hint of chocolate. It's more nthan just a coffee - it's a taste journey from Yemen's high-altitude peaks to your cup.

The Essence of Jabal's Design

Experience the pinnacle of luxury at Jabal Coffee House, where our design philosophy marries form and function. Our spaces are meticulously detailed, blending elegance with tranquility to create perfect settings for memorable moments. Every element embodies our commitment to excellence, providing a sophisticated backdrop that elevates every visit. Discover a space where design meets luxury and philosophy becomes experience.

Authentic Yemeni Coffee Experience

Discover the essence of authenticity with our Premium Yemeni Coffee. Sourced from the heart of Yemen's rich terrains, each bean is organic and single-origin, ensuring a pure, unblended flavor that is as rich as its heritage. Our coffee embodies the true spirit of Yemen, offering a robust and authentic taste that transports you straight to the ancient coffee farms with every sip. Experience the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship with our meticulously curated selection—where every cup tells the story of its origin.

Jabal’s Pursuit of Drink Excellence

Indulge in the Art of Crafted Drinks at Jabal Coffee House. Each beverage is a masterpiece of top quality, superior taste, and meticulous attention to customer preferences. Experience exceptional flavors meticulously brewed from the finest ingredients, ensuring every sip surpasses your expectations. Treat yourself to the pinnacle of crafted drinks where quality meets sophistication.

New Drink

Berry Hibiscus Refresher

Refresh and rejuvenate with our Berry Hibiscus Refresher! Enjoy the tangy zest of hibiscus and the sweet burst of berries in every chilled sip. Perfect for a delicious antioxidant boost. Dive into freshness today!